Full ODM Services

A key benefit of using OEM model as opposed to an ODM model, is that it allows smaller companies and startups to launch their solutions in high volume within a short timeframe leveraging mass-production capacities of ODM/OEM hardware manufacture.

It allows the flexibility for the startups to create their solutions freely and have the hardware builders provide them with a fully customized platform, engineering, designed and branded for them. One of the biggest benefits to using ODMs is that they can take a significant amount of strain off of your business when it comes down to both designing and manufacturing your solution. Taking this approach can help you focus on the things your business does best, while at the same time letting the ODM do what it is they do best for you. At Votarytech, our endeavor is to bring all of our customers to Full ODM Services level.

Customers should focus on Design and Marketing only and rest of the things are done by our Virtual ODM methodology At high level, it means, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management, Qualification testing and Certification Testing One of the critical factors here is to ramp up quickly on production volume as per market requirement.