As part of the ODM Services , Votarytech provides Technology Advise to its customers for most optimum technology for a given application , form factor , geography and price

For System On Chip ( SoC) it can be extremely low power solutions for battery operated devices to high performance SoC for 4K video Playback or extremely optimized one for wearable solutions

Technology is also selected based on application area and target cost .For example an Automotive application will need Automotive qualified parts and connectors while it may not be a requirement for Consumer Electronics

Votarytech also advises on Software considerations like which RTOS to select or bare metal . Configuration for Soc like Flash and RAM . Lower level Software support like Kernel, Device Driver or HAL( Hardware Abstraction Layer) support to App Level support for Android/IoS

Other Considerations may include Mechanical Design, Packaging ,Thermal Design and Aesthetics of the product

Finally , Qualification and certification with country specific requirements are in built into our Technology Advising through Virtual ODM Services